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"Fredy-Sau Freundeskreis (Jazz Rock II)"

All sounds on this track were played on an old Yamaha Electone B-35 organ, given to us by friends. Recorded with an MXL 2006 Microphone straight into my METRIC HALO ULN-2.

I composed this track as a "thank you" to Judith + Marko for their lovely gift.

But who the f**k is Fredy-Sau ...







"all about chess hooligans"

... a typical garage/instrumental theme featuring my long time friend and favourite drummer Berno Inferno on blues harp.
On a sunny afternoon in august he blew his soul out recording this track in just ten minutes. 








"Warn A Brother"

I saw a photo of a tough looking jamaican guy wearing this funny shirt with the "Warner Brothers" Logo on  it ... and recorded my first reggae track in ten years







"Snow Cat"

... spending the time between christmas and new year "alone on the hill", jamming out on my new acoustic fretless bass from german guitar maker Stefan Bosch ... and yes i do love Booker T. & the MG´s !







"King Ricky rides again"

               ... thinking about what happend to the german "Schlager-Gitarren-Gott" of the 70`s ... Working Title: nice tone, bad hairdo ...!








... ooops !  







"Daddy D."

... the saddest page in my "Book of Memories", so far ...







"L´Esterel a´la Plage"

... looking for a dry place in Wales 2012 ...








... a classic tune , inspired by the "James Last in LA" Version ...







"Danbury Blue"

Part III of the holiday trilogy. A Trip as a Track.

Ride on and on and on ...







"Easy Street"

It´s been a while... a quick shot from a Garage Band Session







"NEUes vom Niederrhein (Sonntagsfahrverbot ´73)"

+++ elctrofolktrivialmelodikmitlokalkolorit +++







"Take me out"

Let´s play Master & Servant ;-)








a well known theme ... in disguise







"Afri - Smokers Delight"

i salute you fraternally ... Mr. Farka Toure´







"Boredom is King"

´cause a lot of things starts with it...







"Bienvenue à la lutte"

une nouvelle chanson, merci à mon Peti ...







"Bad Habits"

... and here we go again ...