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"talking about music is like dancing about architecture ..."

Thank you for spending time on my site.
It is all about my Instrumental-Music-Project:
"the novotones"
The inspiration for this project was my work as a producer for local Garage/Punk, Neo/Folk and LoFi Pop Bands  back in the 90´s  and, of course, being a big fan of 60´s and 70´s Instrumental Music all of my Life.
I started the novotones in the late 90´s by taking all these analog roots and mixing them with the never ending possibilities of Digital Sound Design. Free to work with other musicians and natural instruments in different locations or ending up jamming with myself back home in my living room. I stuff all of this into the DAW and find out what fits the picture.
This is how I developed the sound presented to you on the following pages.
I hope you enjoy it ...



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